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"Releasing Obstacles to a Successful Career Change with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques."


Ingrid Dinter

Certified EFT Coach and Trainer

A positive mindset, curiosity and self confidence are crucial to finding a new job in today's economy.

But the longer the unemployment takes, the harder it becomes to keep one's spirits up.

Most people agree that one of the biggest obstacles for long term unemployed people to finding a meaningful career is the loss of hope and confidence.
Losing a job is indeed a life changing and often traumatic event, that needs to be processed and healed before moving into a new career.

If you are currently facing unemployment or are looking for a new job, I am sure you can relate to this.

In this 30 minute video presentation, you will:

  • Learn how some of the emotional trauma that you might not even be aware of is determining your professional future

  • You will be given a short introduction to a cutting edge technique to release any negative memories and feelings that might be holding you back,

  • You will be guided through a few introductory rounds of EFT for job search.

  • And much more

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